What We Do

bang4_2Our Target Group:

The more than three million untrained pastors in the world.

Our Mission:

To extend non-formal theological training to the world’s untrained pastors and church leaders.

Our Method:

A life-on-life concept and a biblically sound, time tested curriculum.

The Bible is our main textbook (see 2 Timothy 3:15-17), along with 10 essential courses, which also become a resource library for the pastor in his ministry:

1 – Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation 
2 – Old Testament Survey
3 – New Testament Survey
4 – Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry
5 – Bible Doctrine Survey
6 – Personal Spiritual Life
7 – Church Ministry/Administration/Education
8 – Teaching Principles and Methods
9 – Church History Survey
10 – Missions/Evangelism/Discipleship

We want our graduates to have a biblical and theological frame of reference as a grid for life and ministry.

Please download our BTCP Program Summary Manual for an overview of the program and all ten of the courses. Pages 33-152 of the Program Summary will provide you with a Syllabus and other sample pages from each course manual.

How is BTCP being used?

Currently BTCP is being used in a variety of applications:

BTCP “Classic”: Classes are conducted by partnering ministries in various full-time programs or modular formats. Class schedules can also be adapted to the students’ needs.

Partnering ministries include churches, mission agencies, associations of churches, Bible colleges and seminaries, para-church ministries and individual missionaries and pastors.

Church Sponsored Bible Institutes: Realizing the shortfall in scriptural instruction, many churches in the USA use 5 of the 10 BTCP courses to equip elders, deacons, Bible teachers and small group leaders. We call this Bible Training for Church Leaders (BTCL).

Bible College: Some of our partners use our concept and curriculum to form the “backbone” or core of their multi-year formal programs.

Seminary Extension Bible Institute: Several seminaries outside the USA use BTCP to extend basic theological training in a Bible Institute format to remote locations.

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