Available BTCP Translations

Our courses have been translated into the following languages:

Afrikaans South Africa Completed
Albanian (Shqip) Albania Active
Amharic Ethiopia Completed
Arabic Middle East Completed
Assamese India Completed
Bahasa Indonesian Indonesia Completed
Bangla-Bangladesh Bangladesh Completed
Bengali India Completed
Burmese Myanmar Completed
Cebuano Philippines Completed
Chichewe Malawi Completed
Chinese China Completed
Czech Czech Republic Completed
Dinka (Cham)  South Sudan Completed
Dutch The Netherlands/ Belgium Active
English USA Completed
Falam Chin Myanmar Active
Farsi Iran Active
French West Africa Completed
German Germany Completed
Hindi India Completed
Haitian Creole (Kreyòl) Haiti Active
Ilongo Philippines Active
Japanese Japan Completed
Kannada India Completed
Kazakh Kazakstan Partial 1-9
Khmer (Cambodian) Cambodia Completed
Kirundi Burundi Active
Korean Korea Completed
Kuki (Manipuri) India Active
Kurd Kurmanji Turkey Active
Lahu Thailand Completed
Laotian Laos Active
Malayalam India Completed
Malaysian Malaysia Active
Marathi India Completed
Mongolian China Completed
Nepali Nepal Completed
Oromo Ethiopia Completed
Portuguese Brazil Completed
Romanian Romania Completed
Russian Russia Completed
Samoan Samoa Active
Spanish Latin America Completed
Spanish (Braille) Latin America Active
Swahili Kenya Completed
Tagalog Philippines Active
Tamil India Completed
Telegu India Completed
Thai Thailand Completed
Ukrainian Ukraine Partial 1-7
Urdu Pakistan Completed
Vietnamese Vietnam Completed
Xhosa South Africa Active
Zulu South Africa Active

If the BTCP manuals are not already available in a language you need, it may be possible for you as a partner of BTCP to undertake a translation of our BTCP manuals. For further information and to receive our Translation Agreement and Guidelines please contact our office using the following form and let us know into which language(s) you are interested in translating the BTCP manuals.

**No translations of the BTCP manuals may be undertaken without prior written approval**

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