USA Training (Other Languages/Multi-Ethnic)


Because we are an international organization, our BTCP manuals are available in 34 different languages.

God is bringing the world to the USA so we need to and are pleased to provide manuals for classes taught in the languages of the ethnic group.

In places where there are not enough people of a specific ethnic group to populate a class, we have demonstrated that BTCP/BTCL multi-ethnic classes work very well.

The prospective students need to understand English well enough to receive instruction in English, but in most cases, we can provide their manuals in their heart language.

A side benefit of multi-ethnic classes is the bonding that takes place with students from all over the world as a result of being together in the same class for more than 2 years.

Through our partners, we currently have the following language specific classes besides English and Spanish in the USA:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Lao
  • Nepali
  • Portuguese

In addition, we have several multi-ethnic classes.

Click here to see what students from many nationalities have to say about their BTCL training.

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