Training Pastors and Church Leaders in Japan

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Tony Haug is Training pastors and Church Leaders in Japan

In order to further the discipleship process at Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church, a team headed by Megumi Matsue and two other SCBC members, including myself, spent five years translating the Biblical Training for Pastors/Leaders course. Since then, for the past six years, anywhere from 18 to 29 Japanese believers have been studying this course with me.

Tony and Marcia Haug in front of Matsumoto Castle

We are presently in the seventh book and learning about missions and evangelism.

BTCP training session
Last year a missionary from TEAM, Jonathan Junker, was attending a seminar on BTCP in San Diego and came away impressed at the seminary quality of the curriculum as well as excited about the possibility of training nationals on the field (instead of sending them away from the local church) for the gospel ministry. When he asked Kevin Bacon, a facilitator for BTCP, if the material had been translated into Japanese, he was thrilled to find out that it had! Kevin gave Jonathan our e-mail and plans began to form for us to visit their churches in Matsumoto. In August, Marcia and I were finally able to make the six hour trip up to Northern Japan to share with the pastors and missionaries that Jonathan works with about BTCP.  It was an honor to talk with these men and women about the impact this course is having in our church–topics discussed in our Thursday classes frequently come up again in cell and in fellowship times during the week.
Tony speaking at the Sunday service in Matsumoto

The most recent endeavor of our church to find 300 people during the next 3 years who are seeking after God, Shimonoseki Soul Search, was conceived while studying the BTCP course on missions! I am so excited to see the potential of how God could  use this Biblical training course in churches throughout Japan.

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