Recap 01 Bible Study Methods (Matt) 11-1-16

Homework- Prepare for your Biographical Study.

The PDF with the evaluation questions can be found here.


In honor of Reformation Day and Hallowwn












  1. See the importance of Obedience/ application
  2. Practice skills
  3. Prepare for Biographical studies


We spent most of our time together practicing your skills on the following passages

  • James 5:16
  • 1 John 1:8-10
  • 1 Thess 5:16-18
  • * Hebrews 13:1-10 * (we didn’t get to this one, but it’s a great example of a passage that’s mostly clear, but has some difficult portions)

We then spent a large part of the class comparing James 2:24 with Romans 4:3 (page 51 in your manual)

After observing that Paul and James are talking about two completely different events in the life of Abraham, the picture becomes much clearer.  We see in Genesis 15 that Abraham is saved through faith alone (Justification here= internal, saving faith). Decades later, in Genesis 22, we see Abraham obey God in regards to sacrificing Isaac (Justification=external evidence of the saving faith initiated decades prior).


Next, I provided a quick example of a Biographical study presentation. We saw in the life of Balaam, a man who had direct contact with God and true power from Him. We saw a man who knew definitively that he could not do or say anything that the LORD would not allow. Nevertheless, he attempted to curse Israel 3 times for the sake of money. God remained true to His promise and caused Balaam to bless them in spite of Balaam’s greedy ambitions. Even though he did not succeed in cursing God’s people, he did successfully entice the Israelites to intermarry with the Moabites. This enticement resulted in a plague that killed 20,000 Israelites.

In studying his life I found the following truths:

  1. Neither Governments, nor benefactors can thwart the will of the LORD. They also do not provide a suitable excuse for sin.
  2. Spiritual power does not necessarily lead to righteousness and obedience to the LORD.
  3. When God accomplishes good ends through (or in spite of) my disobedience, it is for His glory and to my shame. Just because there is a positive outcome does not mean that I get credit for it.

We then wrapped up our study by reviewing the pages on application.  The “wheel” on page 79 is a good tool to help you figure out how the timeless truth might relate to:

  1. God
  2. Yourself
  3. Family
  4. Other Christians
  5. Non-Christians
  6. Work or School
  7. Government/ Society
  8. Satan
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