Quotes from Current CCI Students in India taking BTCP

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These quotes were supplied by BTCP partner Crossing Cultures International:

“My father was a pastor, and I go to Church regularly. I spent my life in Church, but never understood the Bible and God. The CCI training class is helping me to understand the Bible and God clearly. My life would have gone to waste if the class would not have been introduced in our church.”
– Sister Kalavathi 

“Now I am a retired man. All throughout my life I attended church and read the Bible but never understood it. This training class is helping me to know about God and the Bible.”
-Brother Krupanandam, Church Elder

“I read the Bible every day, but never understood what it meant and the realities of God. This training course is helping me to understand about this life and eternal life. Pastor Parry Abraham’s teaching of these books helps me to understand the Bible very easily and grow closer to God.”
– Sister Indira 

“I am Chakkaravarthy from Katpadi Vellore district. Before attending the training class, I did not know how to study the Bible properly. After finishing the first book of study, I understood how to study the Bible with certain rules and methods to get clear knowledge so that I can meditate and preach the Bible to all believers at my church.”
– Vellore, Tamilnadu 

“I have learned to study the Bible with proper methods through the book of Bible study methods. It is very useful for me in personal devotion and also for church believers. My sincere thanks for offering this course to me.”
– Anandhan, from Katpadi

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