1. Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation

Course Description:
An introduction to basic Bible study methods and rules of interpretation with emphasis on accurately understanding and obeying God’s Word and the development of practical skills. Students will learn to determine what Scripture says, what it means, and how it can be applied.

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Course Goals: 

  1. To train pastors and church leaders to properly and systematically study and interpret the Bible in order to “correctly handle the Word of Truth” so that they may be “equipped for every good work.”
  1. To lead pastors and church leaders to an awareness of their need to personally apply and obey the Bible as they preach and teach others.
  1. To demonstrate that an important purpose of studying the Bible is for personal “training in righteousness” so pastors and church leaders will become more like Jesus Christ.
  1. To emphasize the necessity to absolutely and totally depend on the illumination and teaching ministry of the indwelling Holy Spirit.
  1. To encourage pastors and church leaders to engage in personal, serious, regular Bible study in the text of Scripture.

***Study the Word of God to know the God of the Word***

Please download the BTCP Program Summary Manual where you will find an overview of this course (pp. 35-42) as well as a description of the BTCP program, philosophy, and requirements for implementation.

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