Northside BTCL – Recap 08 Bible Study Methods (Kevin Bacon) 10-12-17

Dear Northside BTCL Class,

I am sorry that I missed class due to illness but I know Matt Hulgan did a great job leading in my place. He said you all did really well interacting and completing your interpretive statements for Jonah 3-4. We are getting pretty close to completing “Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation”! I will bring a proposed schedule next Wednesday for the next course “Old Testament Survey” so you can see where we are going from next.

For next Thursday, October 19th, your assignments are:

  • Read pages 78 – 82 and look up the passages referenced on those pages.
  • Do the assignment on page 80. For page 81, think through all you have learned about Observation, Interpretation, and Application.
  • Heads up: You will all be responsible to complete one of each type of the Bible Studies on pp. 82-110.
  • You will complete one of each and then pick one to present to a small group in class. Look on pp. 91, 99, and 106 in your manual. You need to be thinking about the person, topic, or theological truth you want to present in class on Thursday Nov. 2nd. We will break into 2-3 smaller groups for each of you to give an 8 minute presentation on your selected topic. We will discuss this in further in class next week.
Our goals as we have covered the Interpretation step have been:
• that we understand the rules of interpretation
• that we use these rules as we study and interpret the Scriptures
• that our minds are increasingly trained to interpret the Scriptures using sound rules of interpretation
See the attached file for: Roy B. Zuck, Guidelines for Interpreting Prophecy – “Basic Bible Interpretation”, 1991,  pages 241 – 249.

If you ever have any questions or difficulties don’t hesitate to ask. We want to make sure you are getting the process.
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