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New Coordinators in India

The Lord has raised up 5 new coordinators in India to oversee training classes in the northeast, central, and eastern parts of the country. We met for two days, training them in the mission, vision, core values, and best practices of the CCI ministry. Pray for them as they implement the vision of impacting a nation through equipping Christlike servants who with passion, competence, and character, serve our great God.

CCI - New Coordinators for India






Teacher Training Workshop in Vijayawada

During March 11-12, we led a Teacher Training Workshop in

Vijayawada with 17 pastors. Pastor Samuel Boompaka, TTW Facilitator, I, and two of my trainees, Vinay and Isaac Kalapala led the workshop. Pray that this results in many new classes where God’s servants can be equipped with the ministry skills, character, and Bible knowledge for effective ministry.

Bible Doctrine Survey, Part 2

From March 16-20, we trained 40 pastors and church leaders through the second part of book 5, Bible Doctrine Survey in Vijayawada. Other pastors attended the class just to see what this training is about. One pastor that has attended the training testified how it has impacted his ministry. Before he attended the class he had written a book about ministry and was planning to print it. Then, he attended our first module, Bible Study Methods, and decided not to print it because he realized there were many errors in his book. Many pastors around the world unknowingly teach false doctrine because they watch something on TV or the internet, and they have not been trained effectively. Pray for these men and women as they return to their ministry sites.

CCI Bible Doctrine Survey in Vijayawada


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