Hetauda Bible Training centre Testimonies

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Hetauda Bible Training centre Testimonies 2014






Testimony of Teachers:

1.   I am pastor Rupesh Rai. I got a chance to teach BTCP when I established Hetauda Bible Training centre. The BTCP training manual is very-very influential for the Pastoral Ministry. It is a very Biblical, practical Method of teaching. So that It equips all the pastors those who did the complete this course. That is why BTCP gives all the pastors and leaders biblical knowledge, Ministry idea and the source of the materials from ten books.

From the Hetauda Bible training centre side, we always want to continue teaching BTCP for God’s kingdom building and equiping all the local pastors and leaders. Thank you for the BTCP and Men of GOD Dr. Dennis J. Mock and Niranjan Adhikary and BTCP Nepal.

In His Service
Ps. Rupesh Rai
Hetauda Bible Training Centre

2. I am Pastor Shyam Rai. BTCP is a very strong training manual for the pastors and leaders. It makes pastors and leaders’ ministry very fine. Thank You BTCP.  Ps. Shyam Rai (Teacher)

3. I am Shahash Moktan. BTCP equips Local pastors and leaders. It also gives biblical principles of the Bible and ministerial ideas to the Pastors and Leaders. Thank you BTCP.  Shahash Moktan (Teacher)


Testimony of the students:

1.   I am Kelvin Sherpa. I got a chance to study BTCP at Hetauda Bible Training centre. I study Biblical principle, Preaching Method, Ministry idea and I got a full manual Ten books. I did complete ten manual and I am very blessed by the BTCP. I thank God and BTCP.  Kelvin Sherpa (Student)

2.   I am Tul Bahadur Bayalkoti. When I got a chance to study BTCP at Hetauda Bible Training Centre, Hetaud. I understand God’s word and biblical principles and about ministry and Preaching Method, church management, church history, etc. I am very blessed by the BTCP. Thank you BTCP.  Tul Bahadur Bayalkoti ( Student)


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