Greg and Bev Wootton traveling to Malawi to begin new BTCP classes

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Shalom dear family and friends in Christ,

We are blessed to have spent a week now in this country Malawians call “the warm heart of Africa”.  Now we understand why!  We have been so warmly received everywhere.

We  arrived in the capital city of “Lilongwe” after a “long way” driving to get there, and were met by our host, Pastor Vitu Kamanga.  He and his wife drove out at night to meet us and take us to a nice lodge, where they had arranged for us to stay.  In the morning we began a teacher training workshop in their home, and after 2 days we qualified 5 new teachers — all of whom are anxious to begin teaching God’s Word in BTCP Bible classes.   We believe they will impact the city of Lilongwe and surrounding villages in the coming years by helping to equip the local pastors who are desperate for bible training.

The next two days we spent presenting the BTCP bible training to 60 pastors who gathered from over 20 different denominations.  One pastor from Mozambique said he had 50 churches in his organization in his country that he wanted us to return and help him equip with the Bible training.  We thank the Lord for helping us train 5 pastors to oversee Bible Training schools in their areas in the southern region of Malawi.  After the Bible training and Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) were completed, a short time was given for evangelism training because they requested help in this area. In just under one hour of outreach 41 people got saved!

We are on our way to Zambia now, and have driven all day along Lake Malawi — it is beautiful.  Yesterday, we had a restful day in Monkey Bay  and tonight we are in staying in the mountain city of Mzuzu.

Thank you for your support for this very fruitful mission.  The whole nation of Malawi seems so wide-open for Bible Training!

In Christ’s love and service,
Greg & Bev Wootton
Kitale, 30200, Kenya
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