Excerpts from Greg Wootton’s Update after their Trip to The Congo

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To all of our BTCP partners… shalom in Christ Jesus!

Yes, we are back in Kitale, Kenya… and after a few days of recuperating … we are back up and running and planning follow-up missions trips and leadership training seminars.

We had a great trip into every part of Rwanda and the eastern regions of the Congo (DRC) near the southern and northern ends of Lake Kivu, Bukavu and Goma.  We are thankful for a God chosen team, and have attached a compiled version in PDF format of Isaac’s Facebook postings for 15 of the 17 days we ministered and traveled together.

We are planning a 2-day leadership training seminar for next week with our key 8 leaders.  We hope to go on a follow-up missions trip next month to Alale in West Pokot — and beyond — to some very remote people that can only be reached by hiking several hours after driving more than 8 hours from Kitale into the ‘bush’.  We are also praying for another mission to Congo as soon as possible, in the Lord’s timing and provision.  Also on the horizon is a large missions outreach from Nov 6-18 into Tanzania with Isaac and school of ministry students and a team of 7-8 brothers and sisters from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.  Lots of exciting events and possibilities ahead, but as always, it is our desire that the Holy Spirit will guide our footsteps and direct our decisions so that we may be the most fruitful for the kingdom of heaven.

The pastors in the DRC are very eager to get started.

The key teachers are now registering students and collecting the finances to purchase manuals #1 & #2 and open the classes as soon as possible. Since our trip in Oct 2013 six  classes were started, three in Gisenyi, Rw and three in Goma, DRC.  We expect at least 6 new classes will open in the Goma and Bukavu areas with an estimated enrollment of between 100-120 new students in total.

Some of the totals for the the DRC/Rwanda missions trip were as follows:

  • 17 days, 3,000 KM traveled including 8 African border crossings!
  • 8 BTCP trainers + 1 Rwandan key overseer made up the missions team: Greg, Bev, Isaac, Thomas, Titus, Chris, Evans, Robert and Major Pascal who joined us in Kigale, Rwanda; he is from Gisenyi, Rwanda.
  • 7 days ofteacher training (3 full 2-day Teacher Training Workshops) conducted in four locations: Kigale (3), Bukavu (14), Gisenyi (8) and Goma (17): 42 teachers total were certified to begin using the BTCP curriculum.
  • 256 pastors and church leaders trained with sample BTCP lessons in the 4 locations.  Many of those that attended the sample training have already registered for the new classes!
  • We expect a minimum of 6 new classes will open in the Goma and Bukavu areas with an estimated enrollment of between 100-120 new students in total.

The Congo was so different from every other African nation we had visited before, including South Sudan.  We plan to write more about those unique differences and some of our other adventures later.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and encouragement.  We witnessed miraculous interventions along the way and have the assurance from the Holy Spirit that thousands in the Congo and Rwanda will be impacted by the men and women who caught the vision for what Bible Training can do for the body of Christ.  Many walked for days to come to the training, some five days, sleeping on the rainforest floor along the path.  We pray that they will now become fully equipped to labor more fruitfully in our heavenly Father’s harvest!

In Christ’s service and love,

Greg & Bev Wootton

Kitale, 30200, Kenya

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