Dennis Mock’s Observations about recent Supreme Court Decisions

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June 2015

“We Must Obey God Rather Than Men”

(Observations about recent Supreme Court Decisions)

The two recent decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court are cause for grave concern by Christians and all those who respect the Constitution, the “rule of law” and religious freedom under the First Amendment.

The first case concerned the ACA and the availability of health insurance subsidies under the Federal exchange in addition to the State exchanges. To refuse to interpret the plain, literal language of the Statute as written by Congress, is to undermine the “rule of law” and the sole responsibility of the court to interpret the law, not rewrite it to create their own desired result. Apparently, no one can continue to rely on what any law says but on what the Supreme Court says that it says. This socially active court attempting to change America by judicial decree is quite disturbing and threatens the “separation of powers” between the three separate but equal branches of government.

God’s Word says “Without law, the people perish (literally cast off restraint)” Prov. 29:18.

And judges are to rule with integrity and without partiality. Deut.1:16-17 and 16:18-19.

The second case involved whether same sex couples have the same constitutional right to marry as do heterosexual couples. The court simply ruled based primarily on the “equal protection clause” of the Constitution that, yes they do, and no state agency can refuse to issue a marriage license to a same sex couple.

In doing so, the court bowed to changing social norms, public opinion polls and media pressure to fashion a fanciful reinterpretation of marriage that directly flies in the face of thousands of years of precedent and practice and the unambiguous teaching of God’s Word. No one yet knows the full impact of this ruling on freedom of religion for churches or individuals.

God’s Word clearly established God-ordained marriage as being between one man (male) and one woman (female). Gen. 2:20-25 and Matt. 19:1-6.

This decision illustrates the utter depravity of man as depicted in Rom. 1:18-25. Homosexuality and same-sex marriage clearly violate God’s Word.

Both the same-sex marriage case and the ACA decision constitute major challenges for Christians and all those who love and respect the United States of America, its Constitution, the rule of law, freedom of religion, righteousness, and God’s Holy Word.

The extent of the adverse impact of these two decisions is really known only to God at this point.

I want to make several general observations:

First, there is currently in America a “famine of the Word of God” (Amos 8:11), and  a blatant rejection of what God’s Word says along with a disdain for biblical truth. God cannot be mocked nor can His Word be ignored or marginalized with impunity. (Gal 6:7-8, Num. 32:23.)

Secondly, socially active, liberal–minded judges cannot establish morals for society nor change the hearts and minds of people or God’s Word by judicial interpretation or decree.

Thirdly, our current President, Barack Obama, does not appear to be the President of all the people of the United States of America but only of certain ethnic and special interest groups and does not protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. He seems to be advancing a private agenda to impose his own personal views and “fundamentally change America.”

But we, as Christians, must remember a number of key truths as we live through these troubling times:

  • That God is not surprised, taken off–guard or threatened by these court decisions nor the changing moral climate and rampant sin in America (see 2 Tim 3:1-5)
  • That God’s law is higher than man’s law and where there is a conflict, God’s law takes priority and must be obeyed regardless of the cost. Refusing to obey man’s law also carries natural consequences. (Acts 4:18-19 and 5:29-41 and Daniel 3: 16)
  • That Christians cannot rely on or expect human government or its leaders to govern rightly or righteously. (Ps.146) Our ultimate hope cannot be in men!
  • That we are to love everyone and respect their right to hold different views without condoning their sin or condemning them personally. (Matt. 7:1-5 and Rom. 14:9-12)
  • That to love God is to love others and keep His commandments. (1 Jn. 5:1-3)
  • Christians “judge” those within the Church but God judges those outside (1 Cor. 5:12)
  • The world hated Jesus and it will hate us too. Jesus predicted rejection, hatred, and persecution of Christians by the world. (Jn. 15:18 and James 4:4)
  • That all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. (2 Tim 3:12)
  • That only perfectly righteous God is qualified and has the authority to determine what is right and what is wrong. (Ps.119:30,137-138 and Jn.17:15-17).
  • When God’s Word declares something to be wrong then it is still wrong even if everyone does it. And when God’s Word declares something to be right then it is still right even if no one does it. (James 2:8-11).
  • Neither Christians nor the Church should condone sin or rejoice in iniquity.

(1 Cor. 13:6)

  • Everyone will render a personal account to God with regard to the issue of personal sin. (Rom. 14:9-12)
  • Without God’s revealed standard of right and wrong, everyone will do what is right in their own eyes. (Judges 21:25)
  • God cannot be mocked nor can His Holy Word be ignored or marginalized with impunity (Gal. 6:7-8 and Num. 32:23)
  • The Church of Jesus Christ must take a stand for truth in today’s unholy Society.

(1Tim. 3:15).

The proper Christian response to this ungodly mess is to “entrust our souls to our faithful Creator and continue to do what is good and right” according to God’s Word. (1 Pet. 4:19)



Rev. Dennis J. Mock, Pastor of Genesis Bible Church of Dunwoody, Ga. and

President of The Bible Training Centre for Pastors, Tucker, Ga.

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