From a refugee camp- “Our people don’t need the U.N, they need the Word of God!”

This Burundian pastor received BTCP training in a Kenyan refugee camp. His training in the Word led him to a wonderful conclusion and a bold decision. We praise the Lord for these students’ perseverance and the ministry of BTCP Partner, Life Changing Discipleship!


25th Anniversary: Looking Back and Forward

At the recent 25th anniversary celebration for BTCP, the founder and president Dennis Mock, honored what God has accomplished through this ministry and outlined future plans. Click below to view his keynote speech.  


A Word from Babu George using BTCP in India

Babu George a Serve International Missionary through Denton Bible Church shares: “The BTCP classes and the Bible Training Institute are going well by God’s grace. The more we study the Scriptures the more we understand how little we know or appropriate. There are no short cuts to Christian maturity, we need to learn His word […]

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