Update from Bob Kay on the impact of BTCP training in Dominican Republic

Right now, Central Bible church here in Santiago DR (Primera Iglesia Biblica Cristiana) has six new men leaders in part due to the course. Hermano Alejandro, one of Central’s two pastors told me that he has now given leadership of his small group to one of the graduates. I love seeing that delegation and empowerment […]


Bob Kay with Crossworld is training Church Leaders using BTCL

Bob & Judy Kay / Santiago / Dominican Republic December 2014 / bob.kay@crossworld.org How many wise men came to worship the Christ child in Bethlehem? All nine students rapidly and confidently answered, Three. Bob’s reply: Look again at Matthew 2:1. Seven men (one is missing in the photo) and two women from Pastor Osiris’ church […]


Bob & Judy Kay / Santiago / Dominican Republic September 2014

  Pastor Ramón from the La Yaguita Bible Church has been dreaming of starting a church in this community for some time. On Sunday he began asking the group questions about Ephesians 2. We encouraged their efforts as they answered tentatively, yet correctly. Ramón drove home the point that we are saved by grace through […]

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