BTCP partner CCI exploring possibility of BTCP classes in Central Asia

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Recent Visit to Central Asia

During a conference in Bali, Pastor K (from Central Asia) met Sitha, CCI Cambodia National Director. Sitha shared with him about the CCI ministry and how God is using CCI to raise up Spirit empowered leaders throughout Cambodia and other countries. Intrigued, K asked Sitha how he could learn more. Sitha introduced him to David Nelson. After several months of correspondence, David along with his first lady (Mindy) traveled to Central Asia at the end of June. It was the first time CCI had stepped foot in this mountainous and beautiful country. Even though most Central Asian nations are secular, the majority of its citizens are nominal Muslims. The Church (Evangelical) is still small in these countries with less than 1% in population. Churches are small and are in need of training to raise up new workers who will reach their communities for Christ.

Central Asian Yurt (nomadic home)
During a 2 ½ hour orientation one evening, we dialogued with 20 pastors. They eagerly responded to the orientation asking for us to lead the Teacher Training Workshop immediately. However, they were not prepared to take off the next two days for the TTW and we were not prepared with TTW handouts and BTCP training manuals. The result is that they want to learn more and pray about it. We will possibly return here later in the fall or next year for the TTW. In the interim, we will need to have the handouts translated and Russian translated copies of the BTCP manuals to be sent to them. We also learned that most people do not speak Russian anymore, so we would need to look into translating the training manuals into their native language, which would be a major undertaking.

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