BTCP Nepal Class Graduation in Pokhara – January 2015

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5th January 2015,

We reached Pokhara city on January 4th, 2015 for a BTCP class graduation which was scheduled for January 5th, 2015. This training was started in 2012. Seven pastors from this city have completed their training in two years.

Pastor Saroj Gotame (his picture is attached) has thanked BTCP for providing a complete leadership training program. He has learned to discover the right understanding of biblical chapters and their meanings. Before this training he was not able to seriously do the observation part of Bible Study Methods. So in his experience his interpretation of biblical chapters was not correct before he received BTCP training. But now he has the confidence to do Bible study methods and interpretation.

I encouraged them with the word of God from Joshua 1: 8-9; to meditate on the word of God and to be careful to do everything written in it. And not to be discouraged, for the LORD is always with them. I then handed over their BTCP certificates and our small token of love to our students.

80 year old Deva Satyanadan is a man who has completed his BTCP training with this class. He is a missionary from Bangalore. In this experience he has never attended a training like this in his lifetime. This training has enhanced his understanding of Christian ministry. This elder man has thanked me several times for this training in our personal conversation .

As a result of this class, now several pastors are encouraged to use the BTCP materials for training their Church leaders. This time my wife has also travelled with me for this ministry.

Thank you every one who has been praying for us. Thanks


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