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Bob & Judy Kay / Santiago / Dominican Republic December 2014 /

BTCL Class in Domincan Republic led by Bob Kay with Crossword

BTCL Class in Dominican Republic led by Bob Kay with Crossworld

How many wise men came to worship the Christ child in Bethlehem? All nine students rapidly and confidently answered, Three. Bob’s reply: Look again at Matthew 2:1.

Seven men (one is missing in the photo) and two women from Pastor Osiris’ church have consistently braved the rainy nights and cold weather (low 70’s!) this past month to learn how to study the Bible. Helping them learn to observe the details in a passage has been the fun first step. They’re even getting interested in grammar! (Isn’t grammar the most fun thing you can think of?!!)

Camacho, a veterinarian, who has been rapidly growing in the LORD for 10 months, is getting into verb tenses. Even Andrés, normally quiet and unassuming, suddenly blurted out a list of 19 Spanish prepositions that has been long-dormant in his memory.

The active participation of all the students makes it worth the drive to the church in the December darkness, dodging everything that goes bump in the night—like gaping potholes, motorcycles without lights, pedestrians crossing the road in dark clothing. Last week, as the observation process became clearer in their minds, they tackled Matthew 2.7-9, sharing among themselves many insightful observations. Yes! We felt like the wise men when they saw the star and rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.

The New Year will bring them the challenges of learning how to correctly interpret and apply a Bible passage, followed by how to preach or teach it to others. Pray

that these students will be diligent to present themselves approved to God as workers who accurately handle the Word of truth.Crossworld Footer

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