Over 1,500 Ethiopians have been trained since 2007, thanks to the efforts of Berhanu Youseph

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Berhanu-photo-color-corrected2Berhanu recently checked in with us with this wonderful testimony of How God has been using him in Ethiopia. Below, you will find out the story of his journey and how BTCP curriculum has aided him since 2007.

When I was introduced to BTCP I was not that impressed, but I accepted it by saying to myself, “let me try It.” I started with 150 preachers in seven centers with an aide (co-teacher) without understanding that God had a special purpose to me as teacher and organizer.
 In fact when I would return from class each evening, I was amazed thinking of how God lead and used our brother Dennis Mock to systematically arrange the books in a very clear way that can be understood by anyone who is interested in knowing the Word of God.
From my experience, the the ten BTCP courses equip the preacher to lead the church. One interesting observation is that Pentecostals become interested in the teaching though BTCP even though it is quite different from their experience and teaching.
 In this regard it has been a great joy to listen the testimony of the graduates at their graduation, telling how God changed their personal life and ministry.
I would summarize by saying that BTCP is:
Excellent in its systematic presentation
Excellent in taking doctrinal stands without compromising in some very controversial issues
It shapes a student’s personal life. 
God always blesses our work when we believe and honor his word!

The East African Baptist Mission has used BTCP Manuals since 2007:

140 students in seven different centers in Ethiopia in 2007 -2008
385 students in 19 different centers in Ethiopia 2009 -2010
500 students 25 different centers in Ethiopia 2009-2010
200 students 8 different centers in North Kenya 2009=2010
100 students 5 different centers in North Uganda 2009=2010
200 students 8 different centers in South Sudan 2009-2010
Presently we have one ongoing class in a South Sudan refugee camp. 14 students started a year ago 2015-2016
Presently we have three on going class in Ethiopia with 50 students

EABM trained 1589 students using BTCP material!

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