4. Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry

Course Description:
The first part of this course, Preaching Biblical Messages, is designed to equip and train pastors with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare and communicate expository messages from God’s Word. The goal of these messages is that they be biblically accurate and responsive to the needs of people. Emphasis is placed on practical preparation of the preacher and his message with numerous examples and practice assignments. The second part of the course, Pastoral Ministry, is designed to equip pastors with knowledge and practical skills required for effective ministry in the church which is fruitful from God’s perspective.

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Course Goals:

  1. To demonstrate from Scripture the necessity for the expository preaching of the Word of God and to train pastors to communicate God’s Word.
  2. To teach pastors what the Bible says about their qualifications, role, and responsibilities from God’s perspective as servants of Christ and His church.
  3. To underscore the importance of the preacher’s spiritual preparation.
  4. To train pastors in the basic skills of preparing accurate biblical messages.
  5. To emphasize the need to allow the text of Scripture to determine both the content and structure of the message.
  6. To provide instruction on how to productively and practically carry out pastoral ministry in the church.
  7. To warn pastors about those things which lead to “burn-out” and failure in the ministry.
  8. To show that the goal of preaching is life change—becoming more like Jesus Christ.

***The pastor who honors Christ is committed to communicating the Word of God
and to ministering to the people God has entrusted to him.***

Please download the BTCP Program Summary Manual where you will find an overview of this course (pp. 61-70) as well as a description of the BTCP program, philosophy, and requirements for implementation.

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