6. Personal Spiritual Life

Course Description:
This course is designed to teach pastors and church leaders the basic concepts and principles of the spiritual life so that they can personally grow to spiritual maturity and live a life that is pleasing to God.

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Course Goals:

  1. To instruct pastors and church leaders in the basic principles and truths related to the spiritual life.
  2. To lead pastors and church leaders to understand their position in Jesus Christ and the essential resources God has provided through the Word and the Holy Spirit.
  3. To train pastors and church leaders to successfully participate in the process of growth to spiritual maturity by practical application and obedience.
  4. To suggest to pastors and church leaders what the believer should know and do in regard to the basic areas of the spiritual life.

***The pastor or church leader should be personally growing in relationship
to Christ and in relationships with others.***

Please download the BTCP Program Summary Manual for a sample lesson of each course (pp. 33-152) as well as an overall description of the BTCP program, philosophy, and requirements for implementation.

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