9. Church History Survey

Course Description:
This course is designed to introduce pastors and church leaders to the principal people; the major political, historical, and cultural developments; the main religious movements; and the doctrinal issues which have influenced and shaped the Christian church throughout its 2000 year history.

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Course Goals:

  1. To teach pastors and church leaders the primary facts, significant events, and main movements which have impacted the Christian church in history.
  2. To acquaint pastors and church leaders with the key figures of church history whose lives have influenced the church.
  3. To instruct pastors and church leaders in the biblical principles by which the church should have operated over the centuries.
  4. To lead pastors and church leaders to an awareness of both the triumphs and failures of the church in history.
  5. To encourage pastors and church leaders to learn from the lessons of church history what the church should and should not do.
  6. To re-emphasize to pastors and church leaders the need for the church to maintain pure doctrine and practice.
  7. To enable pastors and church leaders to gain a proper historical perspective on the church today in order to understand its present condition and challenge.

*** Missions is the mission of the church.***

Please download the BTCP Program Summary Manual where you will find an overview of this course (pp. 133-138) as well as a description of the BTCP program, philosophy, and requirements for implementation.

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