5. Bible Doctrine Survey

Course Description:
A survey and summary of the ten major doctrines of the Bible with an emphasis on the pastor or church leader knowing God more fully while understanding and practicing sound theology.

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Course Goals:

  1. To teach pastors and church leaders the foundational truths of Bible doctrine.
  2. To lead pastors and church leaders into a deeper understanding of and appreciation for God.
  3. To enrich the pastor’s and church leader’s personal relationship to God.
  4. To train pastors and church leaders to teach correct doctrine and refute false doctrine.
  5. To enable pastors and church leaders to see that correct belief must be reflected in correct behavior.

***Let him who boasts boast about this— that he knows and understands God.*** (Jer. 9:23-24)

Please download the BTCP Program Summary Manual where you will find an overview of this course (pp. 79-102) as well as a description of the BTCP program, philosophy, and requirements for implementation.

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