Church Leaders in North America (BTCL)

Our mission is to extend non-formal theological training to the world’s untrained pastors and church leaders. While the bulk of our ministry is outside the USA, two important trends are compelling us to address the need to equip pastors and leaders in our own country:

The Question:

“Where can I go to gain a thorough knowledge of the Bible – how to rightly interpret and apply it – in order that I am equipped for ministry?” This is a commonly asked question by church leaders and congregations in Canada and the USA.

In other words, if we have been given everything we need for “life and godliness”, what are the basics we need to know in order to grow and be effective in our lifelong journey with Christ and service to Him?

The Answer:

Bible Training for Church Leaders (BTCL): A five-course curriculum offered in a local church setting. Qualified instructors lead in an interactive environment that’s conducive to focused study. Class times can be arranged to suit the students’ schedules. By meeting three hours once-a-week on a selected night, the five courses can be completed in just over two years.


What Courses Are Included?

Five courses make up the core of this non-formal theological education.

The core courses are:
  • Bible Study Methods (40 in class hours )
  • Old Testament Survey (60 in class hours)
  • New Testament Survey (60 in class hours)
  • Bible Doctrine Survey (60 in class hours)
  • Personal and Corporate Spiritual Life* (55 in class hours)

*Corporate Spiritual Life is the Church Ministry portion of BTCP manual #7 – Church Ministry/Administration/Education.

For BTCL the elective courses are:
  • Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry
  • Church Ministry/Administration/Education
  • Teaching Principles/Methods
  • Church History
  • Missions/Evangelism/Discipleship

Given the needs of the students, the partnering ministry determines the order in which the electives are offered.

Click here to view/download the BTCL Informational Brochure.

What Pastors, BTCL Graduates and Teachers are Saying:

“At Trinity Life Church, The Bible Training Center for Pastors curriculum is an integral part of our vision and mission strategy of ‘Reaching, Teaching, and Helping people do what God has called them to do through ministry’. We searched long and hard for a real solution that truly equipped the people of God for His great Kingdom work. BTCP/BTCL helps us transform the mindset of our congregation to a more missional perspective. Lifelong discipleship training is not optional at Trinity Life Church, it is a part of our DNA. It is a requirement in order to serve in a leadership role at our church.”
-Pastor David S. Brunson, Trinity Life Church

“BTCL provided the discipline I needed to actually read the entire Bible — every single word! Much more importantly, though, and no doubt a chief contributor to that discipline, was and is learning how to study God’s Word in its proper context, interpret correctly, and apply its timeless truths to our lives today and every day. BTCL not only ‘gave me a fish’, it ‘taught me how to fish’, so that I may lead and teach others — and live — correctly.”
-Jim Martell, Graduate

“BTCL has been an effective teaching and discipling class which has given me the lifelong skill of how to effectively read, interpret, and apply the Word of God, not only to my life, but to those to whom I minister. As an African-American, now with a better understanding of the Word of God, I’m better equipped to teach the Word of God and fulfill the Great Commission. The Lord has made it possible for me to now team-teach this course and help those who have the same desire. BTCL has truly been a blessing, equipping me with the skills necessary to be effective in ministry. The Great Commission and 2 Timothy 3:16-17 are truly exhibited throughout this training. For those who desire a seminary education without the cost, this training is a must for effective church ministry.”
-Ben’neel I. Suhail, Graduate/Teacher

Click here to see what students from many nationalities have to say about their BTCL training.

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