Seminary content without seminary stress.

BTCL provides world-class biblical training quickly, affordably and with no exams! It's like a streamlined seminary for people that don't have the time, money or access to seminary.

Affordable & approachable

Each course costs only $75 (1/2 scholarships are available) and is conducted in a non-formal, relational setting. Students will usually be able to prepare for class, spending about 30 minutes of study per day

Theologically sound & extremely practical

Students will systematically study every book of the Bible and develop practical ministry skills, in order to be equipped to serve in their churches and live a joyful, multiplying life of discipleship.

No Exams & no academic PREREQUISITES

Regardless of your academic background, you can be biblically equipped to serve the Lord for that reason, we do not use traditional measuring devices like exams or term papers.

FREE ORIENTATION/ Q&A 7PM, January 23, 2018 (7:00-8:30PM) 

The training cycle Begins February 6, 2018

Course #1, Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation trains you in a skill every disciple should develop. Over 12 weeks, you will learn how to systematically observe, interpret and apply the Scriptures in context. This lifelong skill is critical to faithful ministry in the Church and its value can not be overstated. 

Students are not required to commit to the entire program up front. Students can participate in the Bible Study Methods course and then decide if they'd like continue with the 4 remaining courses of the training program.

BTCL's 5 sequential courses

This is a foundational, practical, skill-based class that instructs students how to observe, interpret and apply the Word of God. In this class there is a focus on personal application of the Word of Truth.  

This course provides a broad overview in which students read every word of the Old Testament discovering the structure, theme and message of each book. This course provides a clear understanding of the relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Similar to Old Testament Survey, this course provides a broad overview in which students read every word of the New Testament discovering the structure, theme and message of each book. Through this study, we will see that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament Law and is the long awaited Messiah of Israel. 

This course has an emphasis on personal applicational message of each book and reinforces dependence on the Word of God as the fundamental ministry resource.

This course takes students from Genesis to Revelation looking at God's answer to 10 of life's biggest questions. There is an emphasis on knowing God more fully, while practicing sound theology. Students are equipped to reject false doctrine by focusing on Scriptural truth. As we study it will be important to affirm that correct belief must be reflected in correct behavior.

This course provides an overview of Bible-guided personal growth to maturity. Through the study of 37 topics, an individual disciple will learn what the Bible says about our everyday life and how we can wisely respond to that truth. 

We then complete the training program with an overview of principles related to the nature, structure and function of the church, helping us understand the disciple's role as a member of the Body of Christ.

Our biblical training program effective and highly regarded worldwide

Endorsed by Andy Stanley in his book, Deep & Wide

Excerpt from page 191

"...we partner with a ministry called Bible Training Centre for Pastors and Leaders. BTCP is a two-year series of courses that is the equivalent of a graduate study in theology, Bible survey, and Bible study methods. This course is taught all over the world. The founder, a good friend, is gracious enough to send his trainers to our churches to conduct these studies."

Accepted by Dallas Theological Seminary

Completion of the BTCL program qualifies graduates to apply for advanced standing at Dallas Theological Seminary, potentially saving time and money toward a Master's Degree.
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Our program has been used to train over 140,000 pastors & church leaders trained worldwide

About 85% of the world's churches are led by pastors that have no theological training. Many factors prevent these leaders from attending Seminary (cost, geography, no curriculum in their language, etc.). Our ministry extends affordable, theological training to them in their language.
We have classes in over 90 countries and our curriculum is available in 33 languages.

BTCL Graduates are serving the Lord around the world!

"As a physician-scientist, the BTCL course equipped me to walk by faith, equipped with God's word, through a university culture steeped in secular values. With joy I return to the BTCL curriculum most mornings, restored by His Spirit, assured that our Lord is Lord."

W. Gerald Teague, MD - 2007 Graduate

"BTCL has been a continued blessing for me. The Bible study methods I learned are invaluable in my sermon preparation. And the survey and doctrine courses help shape my ministry and world view."

Kenneth Jones - 2013 Graduate
Lead Pastor of Redeemer City Church

"After systematically studying God’s word and biblical doctrine in BTCL, my world view has been replaced with a clearer view of God’s Kingdom. BTCL has enabled my relationship to grow with Jesus and I now consider myself a much more effective disciple, knowing where to find the answers to life’s hard questions."

Linda Wilson - 2013 GRADUATE

"BTCL provided me with the confidence and tools to become a better disciple of Jesus. I am better equipped to read, interpret, and apply scripture, and teach others do the same."

Aaron Melton - 2016 Graduate
Current BTCL Teacher at Woodstock City Church

More testimonials

"BTCL was an answered prayer as I wanted to grow my relationship and faith with God through a deeper understanding of him through his Word. Little did I realize at the time, God had bigger plans in mind than just me. Since BTCL, I have been blessed to witness the thumbprints of God on the lives of others as I use the Bible to share, teach and help them grow in their understanding and relationship with him."
Tony Alexander

"The BTCP Training taught me how to read the Bible with greater understanding  of  what the text says, avoiding needless speculation and interpretation. I also grew in my joy to read the word constantly as a result of the devoted teachers and homework/projects."
Joshua Firestone

"BTCL has been a major blessing to me, my family and my Church in regard to sound Biblical doctrine. My Church has asked me to consider to be the main pastor of the for which I am prayerfully considering."  
Amoateny Yaw

"BTCL unlocked the Bible for me. Using your deep dive approach to scripture developed a passion in me to pursue His word, and a confidence that I can share it with others."
Scott Bowen

Understanding the Bible will change your life and make you a more effective disciple.

Tuesday evenings from 7:00-9:45 PM

North Point Community Church (the room we'll use is called "The Zone")

Free orientation/ Q&A session -  January 23rd, 2018 (7:00-8:30 PM)

Course #1 begins - February 6th, 2018

Each of the 5 courses costs $75 and includes the course manual.

1/2 scholarships available